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Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee (Costa Mesa)

Sometimes you have to ditch your Monday morning workout and go for doughnuts instead, and that’s exactly what a friend and I did this week. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we push our strollers as fast as we can and talk so much our poor babies probably wish they had earplugs. Well, during one of last week’s walks the conversation turned to this amazing doughnut Heather spotted on Instagram (the one below with ooey gooey egg and creamy hollandaise sauce inside). This spiraled into a 30 minute convo about doughnuts and the decision that on Monday the only power walking we’d be doing would be straight to Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee in Costa Mesa!


Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee is a specialty doughnut and coffee shop located in the popular 17 Street corridor in Costa Mesa. They fry in small batches on the hour to ensure the world’s freshest doughnut every time!


The first thing we ate was the Country Ham & Eggs doughnut we had been stalking on Instagram($5.25); a savory doughnut raised and filled with poached egg, Benton’s Ham, and a house made basil Hollandaise sauce. *Only served until 11am.


You guys….I just….it was SO GOOD. I want to say it was the most delicious breakfast food I’ve ever eaten. I still have no idea how they get that perfectly poached egg inside. Wizardry I assume.


Since we drove an entire 30 minutes we couldn’t stop there. We also tried the:

Lemon Yellow ($3.50) a fresh lemon cake doughnut topped with house made lemon glaze and yellow viola flowers.

Raspberry ($3.00) a vanilla raspberry cake doughnut finished with raspberry glaze.

Apple Fritter ($3.00) their version of the classic, made with fresh Granny Smith apples and topped with Madagascar Vanilla glaze.

Saigon Cinnamon Crumb ($2.75) a slightly sweet, slightly spicy Saigon cinnamon cake doughnut, topped with sweet glaze and a house made cinnamon crumble.

And the Maple Bacon ($3.50) a raised doughnut topped with pure Vermont maple syrup glaze and crisp Niman Ranch bacon.

My favorite was the Lemon Yellow, because I’m a huge fan of citrus, but they were all out of this world! I went back in twice to order our favorites to-go so my husband could try them.


Their coffee didn’t disappoint either. They have Classic Cold Brew, which is my preference- but they also serve fun variations like Vietnamese Iced Coffee, which Heather got and loved.


Sidecar is located at 270 E. 17th Street in Costa Mesa and open every day from 6:30am to 4:00pm. Open late on Fridays and Saturdays until 9:00pm. Seating is outside in the cool, beach air. GO NOW! This place is absolutely amazing.


Photo Credit: Sidecar Doughnuts Facebook Page

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

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