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Valentine’s Day Baby Feet Art (Free Printable)

I’m bringing back an oldie-but-goodie from the archives for V-Day. Look at those little baby tootsies!

I’ve never liked knick knacks or super homemade looking stuff. I love simple and clean. Then I became a mommy, and started saving every shell, leaf and piece of paper my son touches. Bring on the macaroni necklaces! Put that lock of hair in a ziplock bag! IT’S ALL ADORABLE BECAUSE I LOVE MY BABY!!!!


I wouldn’t call this painted foot art particularly  “crafty” or over the top- it’s just so stinking’ cute for Valentine’s Day! Simply print out the lettering (free printable link below), dip your baby’s tootsies in non-toxic paint and create a little V by gently pressing from heel to toe (while they flail and you beg them not to drag paint across the counter). I printed multiple copies and had them laid out just in case things went wrong. We ended up with 3 usable prints, so the extras go to the grandparents!


You’ll notice a difference in the prints above and below. I really loved how the print looked (above) after the paint had been stamped off once. You can see all those sweet little foot wrinkles! The one below was with a freshly painted foot (I used a sponge brush which Max thought was hysterical).


The printable is downloadable in 2 sizes: 10×10 and 12×12. I tried printing on regular size paper, but Max’s feet were too big, so I had to scale up. Below are pictures of both sizes, and to give you an idea, Max wears a size 4 shoe. If you have a newborn you can scale these down to fit a normal sheet of paper and I bet your baby’s feet will fit just fine.

I went to Kinko’s with my flash drive and they printed these for me on the spot for a little over $4. The whole project cost me under $10, which I think is great for such a special gift/keepsake. I would have totally printed at home if my printer could do oversize.


My amazing graphic designer Sara (fitzfolio.com) created the template in 4 different colors (3 with a really cool glitter effect). I love how the black makes the red feet pop, so I went in that direction- but be creative mixing the different colors with fun paint choices!

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 8.27.18 PMYou can download the templates HERE! Anything with 10 in the file name is a 10×10, and 12 is a 12×12. If you end up making these, tag me in your posts so I can see how they turn out! And feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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