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Purging is overwhelming, especially when you have to bag everything up and drive it to drop-off locations. Pickup please.org is the most amazing service ever. You schedule a donation pickup online, leave items outside your house on the designated day and a driver will pick up your donation (whether you are at home or not) and leave a tax deduction receipt for you. It’s so easy, and they take a wide range of items (almost everything). Even better? The items you donate generate the majority of the funding to support local, state, and national programs of the Vietnam Veterans of America. What I’ve started doing is scheduling a pick up once every 3 months; it keeps me honest with keeping clutter out of the house.

Trader Joe’s Rosewater Facial Toner

Lately I’ve been really bad about squeezing in self-care, especially in regards to my skin. I’m trying to buy products that are easy, and make me WANT to take the 30 seconds to pamper myself. I love this product because, well, it’s $3.99! But, also because it provides such an awesome pick-me-up, while hydrating my skin. I get really dry on my forehead this time of year, with the heat cranking at night- and my skin soaks this stuff up. The smell is heavenly, and it’s easy to carry around in your purse, diaper bag or gym bag (if you actually work out…sigh).

ps. I have no idea why this heading refuses to capitalize…but I’m just riding the wave.

Jill Yoga Toddler Apparel 

I don’t know how to stress how much I love this line of athletic apparel for littles. People literally stop me when I’m out with Sammy to tell me how adorable her little yoga outfits are, and the quality is AMAZING. She has the track suit pictured below, and I just ordered the flamingos tonight. I’m not the kind of mom who spends a ton on my kids clothing, but I’m telling you, these items are worth the (very reasonable) price. I find that athletic stuff I get from places like Old Navy shrinks and gets snagged- but I wash these outfits and hang them to dry, and they’ve lasted months, despite a big growth spurt. If you don’t have a little, the pants and hoodie combo is the best gift ever. Oh my lord…I just found ice cream pants…I need to get off their site. They also have stuff for bigger girls and mamas too. Bye.

Renpure Coconut Water Shampoo & Conditioner

I have no idea what’s going on with my hair since having the kids, but I’ve had to shake up my hair care and find new stuff that I like. I’m really loving this line I found at Target. I’m a big coconut fan and it leaves my hair feeling really clean. I just searched it on the Think Dirty App and it doesn’t seem to be the cleanest..ugh…but despite that newly learned info, I still really like it. My absolute favorite is still Maple Holistics , but this is great for a switch up and fun for summer.

Instant Pot Picadillo Recipe from Skinnytaste.com

Whenever I find a new Instant Pot winner, I’m like YESSSSSSS!!!!! This is so, so good. A friend recommended it to me, and I had never heard of Picadillo before. It’s a super hearty Cuban dish, with ground beef, tomatoes and a heap of other flavorful add-ins, including olives. If you don’t have an instant pot, you can also do this in the slow cooker. I like to serve over jasmine rice, but people with more self control than me have told me it’s also good over cauliflower rice.







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