What’s In My (Just Fab) Purse

I am so in love with my new Globetrotter bag from JustFab. This bag is only (wait for it…) $39.95 and I have received tons of compliments on it! The size, faux-leather material, and gorgeous gold details are ideal for everything from business travel to everyday errands.

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I thought giving you a look at what’s inside would be a fun way to show off my new baby  bag! Here are the purse-sized essentials I don’t leave home without.

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1. Domino Magazine This is my favorite magazine ever, and I’m so glad it’s back. I love that you can shop the issue (convenient AND dangerous).

2. Ear Plugs My husband is a musician, and I never know when I’m going to end up at a rock show. Gotta protect my ears!

3. Love Love Love Lotion This scent from Bath and Body Works is sweet and romantic. It gives me a little pick me up during a long day.

4. Aviators I love these aviators from Aldo– I just have to remember not to push them on top of my head if my hair’s styled. You girls know what I’m talking about right? Instant top-knot gone mohawk.

5. Sewing Kit I’ve only needed this once; but that once was desperate. Go to the dollar store and buy one just in case.

6. Emergen-C I love dumping these little immune boosters into my water bottles. Getting sick? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

7. Aquaphor Admitted, it’s not as cute as those bright little lip balm balls on the market- but this stuff works! I dab it on my lips for my commute, and when I get to my destination, I wipe it off and apply lipstick to my hydrated lips.

8. Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream This little tube is EVERYTHING! Technically I could ditch the Aquaphor above and just use this- but I like carrying both. This tube of creamy oil can be used for hydrating lips, cuticles and elbows; it can also be used to add dewiness to your makeup or tame stray hairs. It’s amazing.

9. Arbonne Mattifying Powder This is the best shine control powder I’ve ever had. Use to set foundation, then control shine throughout the day. The compact has a mirror inside- another must have for the purse!

10. NYX Blotting Paper These are great for blotting oily spots throughout the day. The two things I love most: One, they’re cheap. Two, they’re infused with salicylic acid- so you treat as you blot.

11. Almonds These single serving bags of almonds are a life-saver! I get mine at Trader Joe’s, but I’ve seen them all over. Don’t let yourself get all sassy pants because you’re hungry; be prepared. 

12. Colgate Whisps Yes, mints and gum are great- but sometimes I need to give my teeth a little scrub down after a meal. These are not as effective as an actual toothbrush, but they make my teeth feel fresh and clean.

13. Mac This lipstick/gloss combo is my everyday go-to. The lip color is Creme Cup and the gloss is Boy Bait.

14. Planner I still write everything down. Nothing goes in my phone or on my computer! This planner is from Sugar Paper Los Angeles.

15. Coconut Rollerball This might be one of my favorite impulse buys. I saw these little perfume rollers in line at Forever 21 and decided to throw one in my bag. The smell is heavenly and it is SO convenient. 

16. Phone Case My mom wins for buying me this iphone case. How cute is it?! It’s from a store called Charming Charlie- they have TONS of cute cases there. Go Mom!

If you had to add one travel sized gem to this list, what would it be? Let me know in the comments below.

If you want to order your own Globetrotter Bag CLICK HERE


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